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eRNase1 is an engineered double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) endoribonuclease Mini-III from Bacillus subtilis. eRNase1 specifically recognizes and cleaves ACC^U sequence in dsRNA, acting similarly to restriction enzymes that act on DNA. The natural substrate for Mini-III enzyme is 23S pre-rRNA, in which the 5′ and 3′ ends of the molecule are removed to yield the mature 23S rRNA. eRNase1 can be used in molecular biology to produce one or more defined and functional dsRNA molecules by an excision from onger precursors, such as transcripts.

Cleavage site:


  • Superior quality – strict quality control of manufacturing process and every individual lot
  • Cleaves best at 37°C in supplied buffer
  • Stable and active under a wide range of reaction conditions
  • Sensitive to heat and phenol inactivation

Cleavage of dsRNA substrate by eRNase1 enzyme:

dsRNA cleaved by eRNase1, one cleavage site, 12% native PAGE, ethidium bromide staining

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Product Size: 20 or 100 units supplied lyophilized or in storage buffer

Supplied with: 1 ml of 10x Reaction Buffer

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eRNase1 – product specification

Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

To generate your desired RNA product use our software that will help you to design DNA template to produce RNA substrate for the eRNase1 enzyme.

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