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Our passion and expertise in RNA technology make our ideas become a commercial reality 

Business partners, developers, and investors who share similar passion for the global impact of biotech solutions are welcome to join our mission driven by knowledge and professionalism.  We are open to new ideas regarding potential applications of our technology in an area of your interest. Industrial partners are invited to co-develop new products.  If you have any questions about technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Distribution Partners are welcome

We are building our worldwide distribution network. We welcome cooperations in product development and worldwide distribution partners with an extensive life science industry experience. We offer a win-win partnership, best economical conditions, and best marketing tools.

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Key R&D Collaborations

Futurenzymes collaborates closely with Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering led by Prof. Bujnicki. The laboratory is hosted by the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, the top-ranked Polish research institute in biology. The Bujnicki laboratory is an interdisciplinary team that combines basic and applied science in order to create novel biotech solutions. The experimental research focuses on elucidating sequence-structure-function relationships in proteins and nucleic acids using biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, biophysics and computational methods. We use the acquired knowledge to engineer molecules with new properties and new potential applications.

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Our scientific support

Scientists who closely cooperate with Futurenzymes:

Janusz M. Bujnicki Ph.D., Professor
Lucyna Budzko Ph.D. biochemistry
Marcin Magnus Ph.D. bioinformatics
Justyna Czarnecka Ph.D. biotechnology
Katarzyna Merdas M.Sc. medicinal chemistry
Magdalena Sroka M.Sc. molecular biology
Dawid Glow M.Sc. biotechnology

We are supported by Senior Scientists who develop the products, already familiar with the manufacturing, validation and research work utilizing our products. Thanks to them, Futurenzymes provides best-in-class support to our customers and an expert answer in average time of 24 hrs.

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